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Orion (Or-rye-en) 1) The Hunter, a constellation lying on the celestial equator between Canis Major and Taurus, containing the bright stars Betelgeuse and Rigel and the home star system of the Orion Barrier Alliance 2) any member of a race of humanoid, sentient beings who are characterized by green to white skin, native to some star systems found in the constellation Orion 3) the longest running Classic Star Trek fanzine press in fandom

fanzine (fan-zeen) a fan-produced non-profit publication that is written by fans, illustrated by fans, edited by fans, and printed by fans out of their love for the material; often referred to as a 'zine' (zeen, as in magazine) by those who read them

Welcome to the home of one of fandom's last bastions of Classic Trek fandom! Orion Press has served fandom since 1979, and now hosts one of the largest collections of Classic Star Trek fan fiction on the Internet. On this website, you will find a variety of material designed for the discriminating Star Trek fan. All we ask is that you drop us a line, and let us know how we're doing, how we can improve, and what you liked or disliked about the site, the stories, the articles and the like. We want to hear from you!

And hey, be sure and check out Potemkin Pictures, a fan film production group whose films are set within the Orion Universe. We have nearly a hundred Star Trek fan films, set in the Orion Universe, for you to enjoy.

Randy Landers

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last updated 01/26/2024

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Classic Star Trek

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Crew Lists
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Fan Fiction
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Lexicon & Appendices
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stories listed by subject matter
a guide to the ships that appear in the Orion Universe
a guide to the uniforms, ranks, insignia and equipment found in the Orion Universe

insights into technology and production
insights into the thoughts of Trek personalities
examinations of the sources of the episodes
stories intended to tickle your funny bone
episodes, movies, films
Unseen Elements
deleted scenes from the episode scripts

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Contact Information
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Legal Disclaimers
CBS Studios, Inc. OWNS Star Trek--never forget that
Letters of Comment
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